Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Millie Comparison

Look how she grew!!!

On the left is the day we left the NICU (1 1/2 Months old)
and on the right is her at 12 months old!

Its amazing to look back and see just how fast they grow in a very short amount of time!

We are definitely counting our blessings of how well she did from coming into this world early and how strong she came through it all!


I am a sucker for beautiful skies and amazing sunsets!
I love everything about watching the cool shapes of clouds and the cool colors that can appear.
Over the summer and fall when we got a lot of rain we had some spectacular skies.

Here are some of those I caught on camera:

A summer night in July!

Looks like painted clouds!

As we were driving home one day, I noticed a bunny cloud above the mountain!
The kids thought that was hilarious!


This is one of my all time favorite pictures.
One day it had been stormy in the fall and finally as the sun was starting to set it started peeking out of the storm clouds.
So pretty!!

One morning, my mother in law and I decided to walk around the complex for our workout.
We were able to see this beautiful sunrise!

Another Desert Sunset

This particular night in Sept of 2016 was so cool.
The sun started setting and it looked like this:

A few minutes later it looked like this:

So cool!!!

Poems & Giggles

Logan learned lots of poems during his Kindergarten days at school.
After he had learned his very first one, 'Oh Mother Hubbard,'  
he was so excited to share it with us at home.

One night we were outside walking around and Millie was starting to get fussy.
Logan went over to her and started reciting this poem for her and the result 
was priceless!! 

A.D. Talent Show

Back in September Kaitlyn had a talent show for her Activity Days in our church.
She was so nervous to do something, but we finally talked her into singing a song.
She absolutely loves to sing and is getting really good! 
She definitely has a taken for it.
She wanted to do it with someone, but in the end she decided to just do it by herself.

She chose to do 'Somewhere over the Rainbow.'
We practiced with her and she sounded amazing!

The night finally came to perform.
There was a girl in her Activity Days that was not going to do anything because she didn't want to do it by herself, so sweet Kaitlyn wanted her to join her at the last minute. They didn't practice together at all and this sweet friend of hers didn't know it very well. We were so proud of Kaitlyn though because she carried them through and did amazing! She has never done anything like this and she came over her fear and just went for it!

Watching from the back waiting their turn...

Kaitlyn and her friend Kara:

All the Activity Day Girls:

I was going to post a video of her performing, but the file was too big!

Logan's Public>Charter School

When we first moved to Las Vegas, 
we had heard from some friends who had moved here a couple years earlier that
we should try to get into a charter school for the kids instead of the public school.

We did some research and agreed that we would love to have them go 
to a charter school. We applied the 1st year we were here, but had no luck getting 
Kaitlyn in so she went that 1st year in the public school.
It wasn't horrible, but we just felt it wasn't the greatest so we really wanted to try harder for
the charter school the next year. 
We tried again getting both kids into the charter school for the 2016-2017 school year, but didn't have luck right away, so we got Logan registered for the public school and Kaitlyn just stayed there. 
The charter school we had chosen was American Preparatory Academy.
There are a lot of kids from our ward that go there so we thought it was a great fit for that too.

Two weeks after Logan started school, we got a text from a friend in our ward telling us that they had openings in afternoon kindergarten and wondered if we were still interested. We said yes, and decided with Logan that he would switch over. 

I was really nervous because he had just started kindergarten and was getting the hang of everything so I wasn't sure how he would do, but he was going from all day to half day school so I didn't think he would mind! 

On his last day, we went and checked him completely out of Batterman Elementary and took him to get lunch at McDonald's.

We then had to go do an assessment at APA to see where he stood for his classes.
They divide up for math and reading into smaller groups and put them at their specific level to help them grow better.
At APA it is uniforms so we had to go out and buy everything he needed for school clothes.
We had a fun afternoon together shopping!

The following Monday, September 12th 2016, we took Logan to meet his teacher and dropped him off at his new school.

Of course, with him going in the afternoon we had some time to spend together in the morning.
We spent that time playing games together!

Just love this sweet little man so much!!

When he got home from school he had to tell me every detail of the day.
He was so excited and said it was the best day ever because his church friend Bristol is in his class!
He loved meeting new friends and fit in quickly.
He did get more homework then the 1 week he was at Batterman, which was an adjustment.
He also had to learn cursive!!!
We did not know this, but at APA everything is done in cursive.
He was not happy about it at first, but adjusted pretty quickly to it.


One day Kaitlyn was helping me clean up breakfast.
I was in the kitchen and she was coming from the table to the kitchen to
put the milk away. 
As she was walking she said,
"Mom look what I can do!"

Right as I looked she had the milk on top of her head and not even two seconds later 
it slipped right out of her hands behind her and just exploded everywhere.
It was really funny actually!

Here is the aftermath :)



Shortly before Millie's 1st birthday, we had been talking with my parents and they really 
wanted to be here for her 1st birthday. We loved that they wanted to.
As time got a little closer, we decided we would better see if Dave's mom was planning 
to try and come for it as well. We called her and she said she wasn't.

A few days later we got a call from her saying she changed her mind, I think we
might have put the idea in her head! She said she was going to stay in a hotel 
when my parents arrived so she wasn't stepping on any toes.
We didn't like that idea so we cleared up with my parents and they were
fine with her being here so we had 8 people in a 3 bedroom apartment for the weekend!
It was nice and cozy, but it was super fun!!

Anyway, Kaitlyn and Logan knew that Grandma and Grandpa Ulrich were going to come,
but we decided to leave it a surprise for them about Grandma Schroeder. 

So the day she arrived, on August 30th 2016, I went and picked up the kids off the bus, and when we came home we told them to go right in and put their stuff away.  
We had hid everything about Grandma at the house so they didn't know until Kaitlyn opened her bedroom door and saw Grandma sitting there!
It actually scared her a little at first, she jumped, but was of course super excited to see Grandma!

Here is a little video clip of the surprise:

The first thing Grandma wanted to do was go to the pool!
So that's what we did!
She loved swimming with Millie!

I will have more posts about Grandma's visits later

End of Summer Swimming

When we got settled in from our long summer trip to Utah,
we spent a few more days at the pool. 
Last year we swam clear into November, but this year we have not been since school 
started! The kids we sad, but it just got so crazy with having 2 in school and then switching them both to a new school {posts coming later}, so we just didn't get over there.

Here was the last bit of fun we had there for 2016:

While we were in Utah we bought this umbrella. It attaches to chairs, but it worked perfect for Millie's stroller when we are at the pool. 
She loved it as well!

Sound asleep...

Love how she is chilling here!

Summer Swimming Picnic

Before the school year started we wanted to invite some friends over from our ward for some swimming. We love the Lemos family!!


Night Swimming!

The kids playing with Logan's friend Bryan

In the middle of August 7-11 had a bring your own cup day for slupees. We have never done this before, but decided we needed to take advantage this year so we ran over right before our apartment complex summer swimming party. 
We took our picture over and got lots of slurpee!! Mmm!

 After we were done we went to the party! We had a blast, but didn't win any big prizes this year. Just little goofy ones. That's ok though!

Love these cute kids so much!