Wednesday, May 31, 2017


September 2, 2016

We started the morning out by getting Millie all dolled up and going to the park
to get her 1 year pictures, which Grandma Schroeder took.
These are the ones I got with my phone.
I will post here 1 year pictures, HERE.

It was such a joyful yet emotional moment watching her get all these pictures taken and just thinking about to how our lives changed in an instant 1 year prior. 
These pictures really made me lose it though:
I can't believe how much she grew in just a year! 
I cried when I put her NICU onesie on her. 
She is just a miracle and we can't thank our Heavenly Father enough!

When we go home, we got a few last minute things ready for my parents to arrive.
I also snuck some more birthday pictures:

1 year to go 

What a special angel she is!

When daddy got home, we went to lunch at Black Bear Diner with Grandma:

Grandma and Grandpa Ulrich finally arrived when we got home.
We picked up the kids off the bus...

And then the BIRTHDAY festivities started!!

She had so much fun opening her presents. She was more interest in the wrapping paper than the actual present!

For dinner we had pizza and then it was time for cake!

Smash Cake...

She was not happy that I was trying to get a picture before. She wanted that cake so bad!


She was timid at first, but it didn't take long to figure it out



There was almost nothing left of that cake.
She seriously smashed it to pieces!

The kids LOVED watching her go to town with it.
Then it was finally time for our cake.

Happy Birthday to our Millie Bug!

Birthday Weekend Continues-

Grandpa's Secret touch got Millie to sleep!

The following day we went to the pool and had a BBQ together.

We had a nice relaxing rest of the day playing games and talking together.

The next day everyone came to church with us.
Then Grandma and Grandpa Ulrich left for home.

We love these Grandparents and so grateful they could make it for Millie's 1st Birthday!
Also grateful we all fit in our little apartment :)

So Far Behind!

I was really going to try hard a few months ago to catch up documenting 
life, but like always things just got so crazy! 
I got a new calling as the Relief Society Secretary and am a little busier with that 
along with all the kids things so my goal is to get everything caught up now that
school is coming to an end!!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Logan's 1st School Project

At the end of August, Logan had to do his first school project,
which was an all about me person. They had to dress up a paper doll like them 
and everything about them. Then they had to tell the class about it.

He loved putting it together with me!
Here it is all finished:

Love this super sweet boy of mine!!

1st Day of SCHOOL!!

On August 29th, our sweet kids had their first day of school for the school year.
This year we have TWO in school! 
Its still kills me that Logan is now old enough to be in Kindergarten!

Here in the public schoosl in Nevada, Kindergarten is all day.
It was hard, yet so nice that Logan finally had his day filled with fun!

We started the day with our traditional Back to School Breakfast:

Our sweet Miss started 3rd Grade this year and had{explaining in a later post}
 Mrs. Wolf as her teacher at Kathy L. Batterman Elementary.
She was amazing and has taught for 20+ years. She explained to us that the kids would only have 10 minters of homework, plus reading. She still taught all the traditional ways of cursive {we were SO HAPPY about that} and they would say the pledge everyday. 

Our awesome stud started Kindergarten and had Mrs. Urrea at Kathy L. Batterman Elementary.
She was new to the school this year and was just the sweetest!

They both took the bus this year. Kaitlyn was so excited to have Logan on the bus and he was excited to finally be joining all the kids on it!

Waiting for the bus to arrive...

Waving 'hi' to Kaitlyn through the window

Dave and I then drove over to the school to meet the kids when they got of the bus and help them to their new line up spots.
Dave went with Kaitlyn and I went with Logan.

Millie just hanging out while waiting at the school for the bus.

Finally the bus arrived!

Logan getting tagged so they know what bus he is on.

Kaitlyn's turn!

Now we are just gathering waiting for everyone to get off the bus and be instructed

Logan and his friend Brian. He lives in our complex.

Brian. Logan. Nevea.
Friends from the complex

Kinder line walking over to the kindergarten area. It is quite the walk for them!

Apparently Kaitlyn immediately found one of her friends from second grade, Michayla!
They were so happy to see each other again!

Checking out Millie

Dad and Mom stopped to get slurpees on the way home to celebrate!

It was such a weird day to only have Millie at home!
It took some getting used to, but it was so nice!

Late that afternoon we went and met them off the bus...

They had the best 1st day and had so much to tell us,
especially Logan!!
He did so well!