Monday, February 5, 2018

Millie 18 Months

This sweet baby turned 18 months in March of last year. She had been really showing her personality the weeks before she hit 18 months. She loves music and will dance every time she hears a song. 
The words she could say were: hi, bye, momma, dadda, baba, up and she could sign 'more' which was huge! She was starting to get really good at feeding herself with utensils. She LOVED to be outside and be able to wander around at the park. 
We just love her!

Here are some more pics of her mini photo shoot in our complex.

Growth Pictures:



18 Months

2 Months


18 Months

I get a little emotional every time I look at these comparison pictures. 
It truly is amazing to see how far she has come on her journey of life!

On March 7, just a few days after she hit 18 months,
she had a review with her physical therapy 
and they found she was all caught up and not longer needed physical therapy...
SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!

(Just love that face)

We just could't believe this day arrived!
She had done so well and we miss her physical therapist!

(In these pictures is her developmental specialist. 
She continued to come for a bit after that)

She happy she stacked them!


Oh that grin KILLS me!

Doctor Day!
18 Month  Stats:

Weight= 24 lbs 78% Preemie scale - 65% Regular Scale
Height= 32" 81 % Preemie - 51% regular
She had grown exactly double in height since birth!

First Time doing Pig Tails.
Her hair took along time to grow in, but we barely made it with some small pig tails!

She looks so CUTE!!

A few weeks after she hit 18 months, 
we decided to move her out of her crib and into a big girl bed.
This was her 1st night sleeping in it:

Sweet sleeping angel!

She LOVED her new bed!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Brazilian Dress

Back when I was just very little my Grandpa Wegner took several trips to Brazil. 
On one of those trips, he brought this dress back for me. My mom said he just thought I would look cute in it so he got it for me. 
My mom had a great idea that I take a picture of Kaitlyn in it when she was around 18 months
so I kept the tradition going and took one of Millie in it as well.
We are all right around 18 months in these pictures.




I love seeing us all in it.
It also makes me grateful to know I will see my Grandpa again some day!

St. Patrick's Day 2017

We had our annual St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt
put on by Leprechaun Rusty McSmelly 
when the kids got home from school last year.

They love this treasure hunt!

Treats, Treats, Treats!!

Grandma Schroeder came to visit a couple weeks before St. Patrick's and
she bought the kids outfits for this day. 

Big Boy

Last year back in March, 
Logan had a big week!

He lost his very first tooth (on his own)
and that same week he learned to ride his bike without training wheels!!
(his other teeth had already come in, which is why there is no holes on the bottom)

Bike Time!

One of his training wheels had actually fallen off so there was just one on there.
Daddy had not had time to fix things, but Logan really wanted it off. So he and I took it off. He took right off riding it!
He was beyond ready to have those training wheels off!

So proud of him!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Valentine's 2017

We had a super fun and nice Valentine's last year!
It is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate together!

Here are some pictures from our day!

Heart Attacked the kids with things we love about them-


Heart Attacked the Hubby!

We put this is Logan's backpack-

Checking out their goodies from school-

We heart attacked our sweet neighbor who we share entry ways with.
She is a single older lady who just loves our kids-

We got a valentine's package from Grandma and Grandpa Ulrich!

Daddy had to work so the kids and I celebrated with getting McDonald's for dinner for a candle light dinner home.

What we put in Kaitlyn's backpack!

We just love our Little Valentine's so much!

And I love my valentine even more!

The day after Valentine's daddy surprise everyone in the family with 
sweet Valentine gifts!

Such a bad picture, but she was so excited!

Valentine Flowers from my love!

So grateful for all these people in my life!